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Learning Achievement based on Teaching Games for Understanding Approach in Sepak Takraw among Form 4 Student’s

The purpose of this study is to identify the students learning achievement using Modification Games Module in teaching sepak takraw among Form 4 students at SMK Pinji, Ipoh, Perak. Pre-experimental design was used in this study and the samples consisted of 18 Form 4 students. Game Performance Assessment Instrument (GPAI) was used to identify the achievement of implementation of skills, decision making and support in sepak takraw. The validity of Modification Games Module was (r=0.78). The results showed that the achievement level of implementation of skills was (4.17±0.92), decision making (4.56±0.51) and support (4.67±0.59). The results of One Way ANOVA showed that there was no significant correlation between the mean scores of skills implementation, decision making and support in sepak takraw among Form 4 students (F (2,51)=2.537;p>0.05). The implication of the study suggested that GPAI can be used as an alternative assessment for determining the level of learning domains based on reasoning to achieve higher order thinking skills. Keywords - Modification Games, Game Performance Assessment Instrument, Physical Education, Higher Order Thinking Skills