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Ayurveda Management of Viral Hepatitis

Infective disorders are on the rise in Indian population. Viral hepatitis is a disorder in which the viral infection and inflammation of the liver is seen due to viral infection. The types of viral hepatitis are hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis non A non B, and hepatitis C. Clinical features of viral hepatitis are yellowish discoloration of urine, loss of appetite, yellowish discoloration of skin, conjunctiva, abdominal pain, weakness, committing, and nausea 1, 2 . In severe cases , there will be altered sensorium, like stupor, delirium, precoma and coma. Sometimes haematemisis, melena and Ascites are also seen in chronic cases. In hepatitis B the course of the disease is often prolonged where the patient may develop chronic active stage and sometimes hepato renal failure. Ayurveda system of medicine has a positive role in the management of viral hepatitis. Bhumyamalaki kashaya, phalatrikadi kashaya, triphala tablets guduchi kashaya etc are the formulations which give good result in this disease. 3, 4. The present paper highlights about the role of ayurveda medicines in the management of viral Hepatitis. Keywords - Viral Hepatitis, Ayurveda, Ascites