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The Deinstitutionalization of Lean Practices Transferred across National Boundaries - Are Poor Employee Relations a Causal Factor? A Conceptual Study

The literature on institutional theory abounds.However, there exists a paucity of the same on the specific topic of deinstitutionalization of managerial models and practices and the attendant causes, within the realm of business management. This, particularly with scenarios involving the cross border transplantation of institutionalized organizational practices, which makes a strong case for further research on the topic. This conceptual, qualitative, work in progress study attempts to fill this gap examining role of poor Employee Relations [ER] as a possible cause for the deinstitutionalization and obstruction to the effective transference of management practices across national boundaries, within the context of a Japanese MNC‟s transnational operations in Australia. This studyholds significant implications for policy makers and practitioners overseeing the transference of managerial models and concepts across institutional / national contexts,and the influence of ER on the successful implementation of the same.The findings at the current stage of this study suggest that the effective transference of highly institutionalized managerial practices across national boundaries is causally linked to how industrial / employee relations is managed within the host country. Keywords - Deinstitutionalization; Institutional Distance; Industrial Relations