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Clinical Indications of Muktapanchamrita Rasa – A Scientific and Experiential View

Rasashasthriyaaushad his are popularly used by Ayurveda physicians in modern India. These preparations are cost effective and potent in action . These are given in small doses, palatable and also considered as quickly acting in the body. Sudhavargiyaaushadhisis a group of medicines which contain natural calcium as the main content. Muktapanchamrita rasa, pravalapanchamrita rasa, Kamadugha rasa, pravalalishti, muktapishti, shankhabhasma , shuktibhasma , varatikabhasma and godantibhasmaare few ayurveda medicines which belong to the sudhavargiya group. According to modern medicine calcium is one of the major constituent in the body . Calcium is necessary for bone growth, cellular functions , muscle cell contraction, as an ion which is helpful to maintain pH, as a factor necessary for blood clotting and excitation of the cell. Calcium preparations are responsible for neutralizing acidity in the stomach alkalinize the blood and bone growth. Calcium phosphate hydroxyapitite crystals are seen in the bone. The hardness of bones and body framework is due to deposition of calcium in the bones.The present paper highlights the clinical indications of Muktapanchamritarasa in an scientific and experiential view. Keywords - Muktapanchamrita Rasa, Sudhavargiyaaushadhis, Ayurveda