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A Study Public Perception of Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in Urban Green Space of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The urban green space is an ecosystem that is fundamental to cultural ecosystem servicesto human welfare. However, cultural ecosystem services are the most challenging services to measure in a standardized conceptual framework due to their intangible states. Furthermore, the lack of information also causes difficulty in this study. This study aims to study cultural ecosystem service recreational indicators relationship through public perceptions in Kota Kinabalu and investigate the relationship between demographic factors and decision-making factors. An online questionnaire convenience distributes to a total of 100 respondents in Kota Kinabalu. From the statistical analysis result, there are a total of 17 indicators used to measure recreational benefits in terms of physical and experiential interaction. This research found out that age is a vital factor influencing a person's decision-making process. Meanwhile, more study is needed in the future to discover the gap left behind this study. Keywords - Urban green space, Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES), Recreational benefits, and decision-making factors.