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Utilization of Biomass in High-Rise Buildings

Abstract - This study aims to use biomass Energy in structures to match the energy of the building needs. In the city centres around the largest cities in the globe, the high-rising as a building type flourished. This has arisen as a result of the increase in land values and other issues in land economics which affect company placement. The development of the previous few years led to the construction of large structures utilising a broad range of unique structural methods. The uneven management of energy resources is a primary factor for geographically different solutions. The building industry is under increasing pressure to integrate renewable energy systems in the design and construction of new projects. This page provides an overview of biomass use for fuel, chemicals and other products in present and future as an industrial feedstock. However, if items of greater value are to be really competitive in a free market setting, results imply that biomass technology, but notably in distant places, must be supported, invested, implemented and proven. Keywords - Biomass, Management, Buildings, Structure, High-Rise