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Development and Evaluation of The Proso Millet Cookies

Abstract - Millets are one of the most ancient crops, which were domesticated about 10000 years ago. Nutritional quality is the key element that determines the dietary importance of a grain and its importance towards human health. Proso millet is known for several health benefits. It has high nutritive value and is comparable to major cereal grains. Bakery products are the best vehicle to incorporate the small millets to enhance the nutritive value and for better health. In this study cookies were prepared by partial replacement of refined wheat flour with proso millet flour using different types of fats and its sensory quality was analysed. The nutritional quality of refined wheat flour cookies was improved with supplementation of proso millet flour. The proso millet cookies were prepared using margarine, vanaspati and butter with increasing proportion of proso millet flour from 50 per cent to 70 per cent. It was found that 50 per cent incorporated proso millet cookies were more crispy and tasty compared to other variations. Acceptability index of cookies prepared using butter (87.87) and margarine (87.41) were almost on par and vanaspati was lower (78.15). Keywords - Proso Millet Cookies, DEVELOPMENT, Organoleptic Evaluation, Butter, Margarine