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Using IOT in Agriculture: A Review

Abstract - Agriculture is among the most important areas of economic growth in any country. As the population is increasing, the demand for agricultural products is also increasing. So this Field needs to be improved. Due to farmers using traditional methods of farming, the Outcome of farming is not meeting the Satisfaction of Farmers and their hard work. IoT is a groundbreaking technology that has the potential to completely transform agriculture's future. Today, IoT is used in all areas such as smart homes, smart traffic control smart cities, and more. Implementing IoT in agriculture is referred to as Smart Agriculture or Precision Agriculture. The use of precision agriculture and the Internet of Things has improved the efficiency of Agriculture.Precision agriculture is the deployment, integration, and application of innovative technology like the IoT (Internet - of - things) in agriculture with the goal of increasing crop quantity and quality while lowering costs. This paper serves as an overview of the various sensors used in smart agriculture and proposes an IoT-based smart plant monitoring system. The suggested model employs air temperature sensor (DH11), soil moisture sensor, IDR Sensor, water volume sensor, and other IoT sensors. When you use Smart Plant Pot, you won't have to worry about plant watering or placing a plant in the best possible light. Smart Pot automates all processes or operations, saving the owner significant time and effort. Keywords - IoT, Internet of things, Sensors in IoT, IoT in Agriculture, Smart Plant Pot, Smart Pot, Moisture sensor etc