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Modeling and Simulation: The Impact of Covid-19 Vaccination in The Reproduction Rate of Infection

Abstract - COVID-19 vaccination is one of the solutions presented to eradicate the underlying threat of COVID-19 infection. This study is about the use of modeling and simulation in demonstrating the effect of COVID-19 vaccination on the reproduction rate of infection. The modeling and simulation were made possible using the NetLogo as the Integrated Development Environment for designing and programming. In addition, the Kermack-McKendrick Model is the SIR model which is also the mathematical used in computing the reproduction rate of infection which is also integrated with the program of the simulation model. The parameter values used in every test of simulation are the same and defined except for the parameter value for Travel and inoculation-chance. In the simulation, it was found that if there is a 90% chance of vaccination or inoculation in a population the endemic will end and the population will reach the time of herd immunization given that the R0 < 1. On the other hand, without the sense of vaccination, the population will continue in a loop of infection and will never reach herd immunization given that the R0 > 1. Hence, the COVID-19 Vaccination greatly affects the reproduction rate of COVID-19 infection within a population and is a key to reaching herd immunization. Keywords - Modeling and Simulation, Vaccination, COVID-19