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Energy and Its Effect on Environment

Abstract - Energy is fundamental demand of our lives. Humanity is totally dependent on an abundant supply of energy for living and working. Therefore, energy is a key ingredient in all sectors of modern economies, and it is a sign of power of a country. Today’s energy is mostly obtained from fossil fuels. Only a small fraction is obtained from renewable energy sources which are fairly clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Efforts to increase the percentages of renewable energy in the total consumption are the main concern in the universities and energy research laboratories. The main drawbacks of the fossil fuels are multi-fold: a) They are in limited amount on the globe. b) Contain S- and N- heterocompounds which are eventually converted to SO2 and NOx acid gases upon burning. c) Generation of CO2 upon burning. CO2 is the main contributor of the greenhouse gases causing global warming, and climate changes. Keywords - Acid Rain, Environment Protection, Greenhouse Gases, Renewable Energy.