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Oil & Pectin Extraction From Citrus Limetta Peels and Its Characterizations

Abstract – Citrus Limetta is the most common fruit available and essential oil present within the rind of wall of a citrus fruit. The present work addresses to the extraction of the oil and the pectin from the fruit peel which is thewasteofCitrusLimettajuiceprocessingindustry.Theresearchhighlighted that these peels are good source of oil and pectin and hence, can become the raw material for food processing industries. After extraction of juice, the sweet lime peels are treated as waste and lead to environmental pollution due to improper disposal can be used for the extraction of citrus oil. Oil and pectin is used by pharmaceutical industry, food industry etc. and is widely used in manufacturing of soaps, cosmetics, herbal medicines, perfumes etc. This paper focuses on improved steam distillation, where the sweet lime peels are preheated before subjecting to distillation. The citrus oil composed of around 95% D-limonene which has many applications ranging from food flavouring agents to cosmetics. Keywords - Citrus Oil, Sweet Lime Peels, Pectin Extraction, Peel Size, Essential Oil, Steam Distillation Limonene, Storage of Orange Oil.