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Visual Integration Technology in The Pediatric Medical Departments of the Educational Hospital

Art is part of an environment that promotes well-being through architecture, green spaces, decorations and finding the road, and it is necessary to provide a guidance system that helps patients, especially children in hospitals, visitors and staff also to infer their places easily as the goal of the hospital is to create hospital environments for children that enhance their belonging to it and alleviate the fear and horror that affects the child when he enters it, Advanced technology has helped provide visual and sensory stimuli in the internal spaces in children's hospitals that enabled children to enhance the sense of belonging to them and removed from them the barrier of fear, sadness and horror from the hospital, reduced their time of stay in it and accelerated the duration of recovery, so the technology of visual perception in children's hospitals must be studied through the use of art technology in enhancing visual perception in children's departments in educational hospitals. Research Problem - Cognitive Deficiencies in knowing the impact of technology on promoting visual integration in pediatric medical departments in teaching hospitals. Research Aim - To reach knowledge of the impact of technology that promotes visual integration in the pediatric medical departments of the teaching hospital. Keywords - Technology, Visual Integration, Children, Teaching Hospital