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Biopore Infiltration Hole: "One Day For Biopore" As An Alternative Prevent Flood

Floods are natural disasters caused by the overflow of sea water or river water caused by rainfall. The flood disaster is becoming one of the biggest problems faced in every country because it caused damage, the spread of the disease, and loss of life. In 2012, major floods occurred in five countries: China, Nigeria, Myanmar, Russia, and Italy. Appropriate controlsis a solution to prevent flooding.Kamir R. Brata a researcher of the Institute of Agriculture (IPB), which is the creator Biopore holes technology that use organic waste to cope with stagnant water by increasing the water absorbing power on the ground. Biopore infiltration holes can be used as an alternative for flood control by relying on the principle of water infiltration. Biopore infiltration holes must be applied appropriately, focused and true to the flooding that occurred in various countries can be resolved. Application of biopore technology can be applied by making the policy of "One Day for Biopore". The policy involves all layers of society in every country so that the effect of the biopore infiltration hole can be immediately felt and society becomes more concerned about the environment. Keywords- Biopore Infiltration Hole, Flooding