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Dynamic Magnetic Hysteresis Behavior Of Blume-Capel Model Under The Presence Of An Oscillating Magnetic Field: The Path Probability Method Approach

Recently, ErtaƟ and Keskin [Physica A 411, 42-52 (2014)] presented a study of the dynamic phase transition (DPT) temperatures and the dynamic phase diagrams in the Blume-Capel model under an oscillating external magnetic field by using the path probability method. They calculated the dynamic phase diagrams in three different planes and found that the dynamic phase diagrams contain the paramagnetic (P), ferromagnetic (F) and the F + P mixed phases and exhibit the dynamic tricritical and reentrant behaviors as well as a double critical end point and triple point depending on interaction parameters. In this paper, we study dynamic magnetic hysteresis behavior of Blume-Capel model under the presence of an oscillating magnetic field by using the path probability method approach. We also investigate the effect of the temperatures and rate constants on dynamic hysteresis behaviors and found that results are in a good, quantitatively, agreement with some theoretical and experimental results. Keywords: The Blume-Capel model; Dynamic magnetic hysteresis; Dynamic phase transition; Path probability method.