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Removal Of Organic Pollutants From Paper And Pulp Effluent Using Mixed Adsorbents

Removal of organic pollutants from paper and pulp effluents using coconut shell and silica gel mixed adsorbents was carried out in batch mode method. The paper highlights the various evaluation parameters like contact time, Adsorbent dosage, and pH. The results from the equilibrium time experiment concluded that the equilibrium time of the mixed adsorbents is 45min. The optimum dose of mixed adsorbents for the highest removal of COD, color and other parameters were 50g/L of effluent. This amount of mixed adsorbent can remove COD 84.28%, color 88.92%, Turbidity 71.44% and total carbon 92.22%. Variation in pH of effluent at levels of 2 to 10 was carried out. The highest removal of COD 88.6%, color 91.22%, turbidity 72.51% and total carbon 92.54% was found when the pH was adjusted to 2 and such removal was gradually decreased when pH was raised. Statistical analysis revealed that the mixed adsorbent prepared from coconut shell and Silica Gel is efficient and economical method for removal of color, COD and other parameters at lower contact time than using coconut shell alone. Index Terms- Adsorption, Coconut shell, Paper and pulp, Silica gel.