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Protective Shield For Social Networks To Defend Cyberbullying And Online Grooming Attacks

The popularity and most widely growth of the social networking sites over the communication world. Using social Networking sites peoples are connected to each other in the world, usually they express their feelings, opinions, emotions which may include public or private talks. Popularity of the social networking sites cause major rise in offensive behavior, giving birth to one of the most critical problem called cyber-bullying and online Grooming. Number of the social networking users would have come across a worst e-day understanding .The victims of cyber-bullying, broadly being the youngsters, undergo deep scars which has led to suicidal attempts in many cases. Agenda for a Facebook Watchdog application pursuing the aim to detect and identify the above-mentioned threats to improve the situation. Threat indications are determined by image analysis, social media analysis, and text mining techniques in order to raise alertness about enduring attacks and to grant backing for further actions. Keywords: Cyberbulling attack, Online Grooming attack, Abusive Text detection, Abusive Image Detection