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Isolation and Characterization of microorganism(s) with the potency to degrade pesticide’s carrier molecule

Pesticides have caused and still causing havoc to our biodiversity and environment attributable to their prolonged persistence in the environment, as most of these are POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants). Commercially available pesticides are of different grades with various formulations. Formulations generally depend on carrier molecules that make the pesticide persistent in the environment for a longer period. So far predominant degradation and remediation studies were pertaining to pesticides dealing with extra pure grade. Our current research focuses on influence of carrier molecules with respect to the pesticide persistence. Apart from increasing the half-life of the pesticide, carrier molecules also pollute the land and water resources to a large extent, causing hazard that is chiefly left unnoticed. Carrier molecules expedite distribution of pesticides. Present study deals with isolation of microorganism(s) that metabolize(s) the pesticide’s carrier molecule. Microorganism(s) utilizing respective carrier molecule as their sole source of energy were characterized and studied individually. Thus by accelerating carrier molecule biodegradation, pesticide biodegradation can be incited to a large extent, in future. This in-turn can achieve broad-spectrum bioremediation of pesticide-influenced soil. Keywords- Bioremediation, Carrier Molecule, Biodegradation, Pops, Pesticides.