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Enhancing Secure Transaction And Identity Authentication In M-Commerce

This study focuses on an advanced mobile security system to provide rapid and highly secure human friendly M-commerce transaction. M-commerce transaction works in multistep process. The process involves User authentication, Merchant authentication and Message authentication. M-commerce provides availability, reliability and security in transaction phases. The M –commerce phases involves multiple steps like Offering goods (O) , searching for available goods (B) , ordering the goods(O) , paying (P),delivering (D) and distributing(D). The proposed work improves security in user authentication by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) gateway, which in turn provides end to end security using Double encryption model. In double encryption model, transfer the authentication data and product ordered using WTLS Protocol between mobile terminal and WAP gateway. TLS/SSL protocol is used to transfer data and product between WAP gateway and server. Merchant authentication is done by a third party. WTLS and TLS/SSL protocols use a message authentication code (MAC) technique to provide the data integrity