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Re-Process Of Ceramic Waste For The Amplification Of Eco-Efficient Concrete

Production of residues from industries and construction sectors has increased during last few years. Much of this wasteland has been land filled, without seeing it’s possible for reuse or recycling. In the ceramic industry, nearly 15%- 30% production goes as waste. The replacement of cement with Ceramic Waste Powder (CWP) produces a substantial modification in compressive strength, making them suitable for the fabrication of eco-efficient concrete. In this research study the (OPC) cement has been replaced by CWP accordingly in the reach of 0%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30% and 35% by weight of M-20 grade concrete. Concrete mixtures were tested at 03 days, 07 days and 28 days and compared in terms of compressive strength of the conventional concrete at 28 days. The aim of this research is to study the behavior of concrete durability in comparison by partial replacement of cement with Ceramic Waste Powder, resulting to an ecoefficient concrete. Keywords- Ceramic Waste, Compressive Strength, Eco-Efficient, OPC Cement, Sustainable Development.