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Investigating Effective Factors On Choosing Urban Physician By Patients In Shiraz

Family physician plan was performed since 2005 as one of the reformist of state health system in Iran. Based on variety studies, many reasons are effective on choice physician by the patients. In present study, the most important factors on choice family physician by the patients who referred into clinics will be discussed. Method: the present study is as descriptive and performs on 178 patients who refereed into family physician plan in governmental section of Shiraz which have been selected as clustering. The data are being evaluated by using questionnaire of family physician and form of personal information which has validity and stability. The data are analysed by different statistics in SPSS software version 22. Findings: average age of the participants was 38.4 years which 59/4% were female and 79/2% married and 40/1% were diploma, results showed significant relation as importance, friends and relatives advisements (r-0/189), Physician specification (r-0/221), children behaviour as doctor (r-0/411), physician communication skills (r-0/ 418), confidence to physician (r-0/422), geographical place of clinic (r-0/341), response to physician expectations (r-0/307) and finally famous of physician (r-0/121) in choice family physician on Shiraz. Conclusion: results of study showed thatpersonal, field, and cultural factorsare effective in choice family physician by the patients and demographic variables of patient are recognized as same. As for significant relation between said variables, it is advised that as well necessary technical educations about offering health and treatment services by family physician, necessary educational periods are performed in order to restore physician communicational skills in attracting patients to consider policies. Keywords- Family Physician, Shiraz, Patients