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The Role Of Demand Response And Integrating Renewable Energy In Smart Grid

Demand response applications within smart grid provide excellent opportunities for peak demand reduction through demand side load management. Economic growth of any country is dependent upon its Power Consumption. Hence to make India a self reliant economic power a large amount of power is required. In India there is a huge gap between the Power generated and the Power demand. It is not possible to realize this gap by increasing the installed capacity, as the resources are limited and due to economic constraints also. For that the Energy being generated should be conserved to the utmost and it is possible by using DSM measures. Demand Side Management (DSM) is the process of managing the consumption of energy, generally to optimize available and planned generation resources. DSM plays an important role in improving energy efficiency, system reliability and security. DSM reduces costs for both customers and utilities and mitigates environmental damage. This paper applies different DSM measures by applying load shifting on different energy sector. This would definitely lead to marginalizing the gap between demand and supply. Keywords— Smart grid, Renewable Energy Resources, PV, Distributed Generation (DG) , Demand Response (DR).