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Level-2 Touchless Fingerprint Recognition

Touchless Fingerprint Recognition system is a new option for conventional touch based fingerprint recognition system. Offline process helps in enhancement process and gives better result. Touchless system is differ from old conventional system in the way that it uses digital camera to acquire the fingerprint image. This paper helps to find a new ideal solution to the problems in view of hygienic, maintenance and latent fingerprints. In this paper we present a fingerprint recognition system based on a novel fingerprint minutiae matching algorithm. The system consist of mainly three stages - preprocessing, feature extraction and matching stage. The preprocessing stage is most important as it needs promising results in terms of segmentation, enhancement and core point detection. Favorable recognition results are attained with the Euclidean Distance Method. Keywords— Image preprocessing; minutiae-based; minutiae Extraction; False Matching Rate; False Non-matching Rate; local ridge orientation