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Rail Inspection Robot Using The AHRS Algorithms

Today, the interest in carbon emissions continues to increase. Consequently, the railroad is in the spotlight as low-carbon vehicles. In these environments, it occurs the continuous human and temporal costs in railway construction and maintenance. This occurs because of problem that verify the rail is correct constructed and to check the status of the rail in the maintenance process. In order to solve this problem, it was the use of expensive manned exploration equipment. In this paper, in order to solve this problem, we propose an unmanned rail robot that can inspect such as the rail surface and a distortional rail with running on the rail. In this rail robot is equipped with the algorithm AHRS(Attitude Heading Reference System), thus, they can enjoy information of their position and the rail status. Through this, it can be proceed with the effective railway construction and the maintenance. Index Terms— Rail Robot, Rail Inspection, AHRS.