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Security Against Spoofing Attack In Wireless Environment

Abstract— SPOOFING ATTACK IN WIRELESS ENVIRONMENT is easy to launch as the IP address can be easily forged. Although the identity of a node can be verified through cryptographic authentication, conventional security approaches are not always desirable because of their overhead requirements. Spoofing attack can be detected and localized only for single node. The proposed system use spatial information to detect and localize spoofing attack in multiple nodes. The spatial correlation of received signal strength (RSS) inherited from wireless nodes detects the spoofing attacks. The number of attackers can be determined as multi-class detection problem. Cluster-based mechanisms are developed to determine the number of attackers. When the training data is available, Support Vector Machine (SVM) is used to further improve the accuracy of determining the number of attackers. The location of the attacker can also be detected based on the Received Signal Strength. . The proposed methodology will obtain a reliable outcome that could be helpful in identifying and eliminating certain attacks.