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Development of a Mobile Augmented Reality Dietary System

This paper describes a mobile dietary analysis tool developed with augmented reality (AR) technology. The mobile AR dietary system aims to help accurate assessment of the nutrient contents of food intakes. It consists of 2 databases: (1) the nutrient composition of food contents, and (2) personal journals of food intake. The nutrient contents for food intake are accumulated on a daily basis. To assist appropriate dietary intake, one can use one’s own mobile device to scan photos correspondent with the food (university cafeteria), retrieve augmented information from the cloud, check for total nutrient intake for the current day, and reference recommended intake standards. Using this self-assessment tool, students are able to regulate their food intake based on daily nutrient standards. Along with implementation, an inquiry-based exploration model is suggested for future learning and adoption. Index Terms- About four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, Separated by commas.