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Soil Properties Pattern of Marathwada Region in Maharashtra State

Soil Mechanics Division of Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute, Nasik, has been carrying out tests on soil samples from all over Maharashtra since 1959. Various tests are carried out on soil samples viz. Grain size / Mechanical Analysis, Liquid Limit & Plastic Limit, Shrinkage Limit, Specific Gravity, Compaction test, Shear test, Consolidation test, Swelling Pressure, Permeability test. These tests are carried out mainly to identify Density, Permeability, Compressibility and Shear strength of Soil, which are useful in design of earthen dams, Canal embankments, and lining etc. Huge data of these test results is generated in the process. The purpose of the study is to prepare long term integrated plan for Soil parameter and derive Soil properties pattern for Marathwada region in the Maharashtra State. Though soil being heterogeneous in nature and no two samples even from same location are same, it is felt that data presented will definitely provide preliminary guide for soil property values for users. Index Terms— Soil Mechanics, Soil properties, Classification of soil, type of soil, Marathwada region soil pattern, Soil properties pattern.