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Study Area Centralization and Decentralization Water Supply Service Branch West of Semarang City

Sadeng, Condrokusumo, Greenwood, and Beringin are part of the service of PDAM Tirta Moedal Semarang West Branch is administratively located in the West Semarang. That an area of study that will be comparison b e twe e n c e n t r a l i z e d s ys t em and decentralized system. The decentralized system is the provision of drinking water distribution system which can managed by the community and the provision of water supplied by public water utilities while the centralized system is distribution of the reservoir water to multiple zones or regional service areas. This study is made as for non-revenue- water control and optimizes the distribution network PDAM Tirta Moedal Semarang. Most pipe bursts occur not because of the high pressure but rather due to continuous pressure fluctuations that make pipes always expands and contracts, will cause a cracks caused by stress on the pipe. Of these conditions will be built reservoir in the study area as a method for reservoir pressure setting is used for the flow uniformity and have a function serves to balance between demand and supply of water. The study area Sadeng distric and Greendwood housing as centralized system will be compared with Condrokusumo distric and Beringin housing as decentralized system. A result to be reference of PDAM Tirta Moedal Semarang to the next planning drinking water distribution system. Index Terms- Decentralization, Centralization, Non Revenue Water, Reservoir