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Robust Digital Invisible Watermarking For Copyright Protection of Image Using DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform)

Digital watermarking is an important issue for the copyright protection and ownership authentication in multimedia applications. We implement the watermarking algorithm using frequency domain technique by using DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) on images. Here, the invisible watermarking is used to protect copyrights of multimedia contents. The invisible watermarks are new technologies which could solve the problem of enforcing the copyright protection is required for ownership identification as well as hidden information can also be identified. Where, the watermark is invisible to the human eye. Also, the authenticity of the information in the image can be obtained by comparing the watermarked image with the original image. Keywords - Invisible watermarking, DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform), Copyright protection, PSNR(Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), MSE(Mean Square Error).