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The Influence of The form Complete Feed Ruminant With Basis of Palm Oil Frond Fermentation on The Digestibility of Nutrients

This study aimed to evaluate effect the forma complete feed of ruminant. Compleate feed with formula 40:60 forage with concentrate. The forage used of palm oil fronds fermented with microorganisms derived from rumen contents. Completely randomized design used in this study to analyze of data of four treatments with four replicates each was as follows. The where : (R1),Wafers complete feed (R2), biscuits complete feed (R3), pellets complete feed and (R4) conventional complete feed.Theexperimental results show that the feeds treatments no significantly affected for all parameter digestibility of nutrient (P>0.05) . Conclusion: It was concluded that palm oil fronds could be used as forage in complete feed. The effective model complete feed in this research is biscuits(R3)completefeed. The biscuit complete feed were the highest digestibility of crude protein and crude fiber (66.67 and 52.53 %). Keywords- completefeed, palm oil frond, digestibility