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Comparison of Batch and Column Methods in Zincsorption in a Sandysoil

Occurrences of high concentration of heavy metals in soils and associated problems have received a great attention in recent years because of their reactivity, toxicity and mobility. Laboratory simulations of heavy metal reactions commonly studies by batch and column methods. Batch method is rapid and cheap and experiment conditions are controllable. Column method is expensive and time consuming but it closely matches the field conditions. The aim of this studywas to correlate batch and column methods data for zinc (Zn)sorption in a sandy soil. Results showed close correlation (r2= 0.88) betweenKd and soil: solution ratio (SSR) values in batch method. In column method the flow rate was not found to influence distribution coefficient,Kd and β(Freundlichmodel coefficient,􀝍􀯘 = 􀝇􀯗􀜥􀯘 􀰉) in a well-defined manner but increasing inlet concentration tended to decrease Kd and increase β.Furthermore, for estimation Kd and β values in column method from batch method data, SSR should be more than 1:2.5 (e. g. 1:1). Keywords - Batch, Column method, Heavy metal, Distribution coefficient, Freundlich, Sorption