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  Journal Paper

Paper Title :
Liquefaction Susceptibility of Silty Soils

Author :Dilpreet Singh, Arshdeep Singh, Gurwinder Singh, Arshveer Singh, Jaspreet Singh

Article Citation :Dilpreet Singh ,Arshdeep Singh ,Gurwinder Singh ,Arshveer Singh ,Jaspreet Singh , (2017 ) " Liquefaction Susceptibility of Silty Soils " , International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT) , pp. 5-8, Volume-5,Issue-1, Spl. Iss-1

Abstract : The phenomenon of liquefaction which has done considerable loss over the years is often associated with sandy soils whereas same level of emphasis is not given to silt. To determine the extent of remedial measures required for a soil against liquefaction, susceptibility to liquefaction of the same must be checked. This paper advocates a simple criterion based on two key soil parameters that differentiate liquefiable and non-liquefiable silts. Firstly, some imperative physical characteristics of silts are briefly discussed to clarify the misconceptions about silts. Following that, clay content and liquid limit are taken as two key parameters that help partition liquefiable and non-liquefiable silts. Analogy between liquid limit and the shear strength of silts is used to show that liquid limit can be regarded as a key soil parameter to measure liquefaction susceptibility. Need of using clay content as another factor is also discussed, while explaining the inadequacies of basing criterion for liquefaction of silts on just one key parameter. The applicability of using clay content as a key soil parameter is also illustrated using several case histories. Lastly, this research paper leads to the promotion off simple criteria for liquefaction of silts, utilizing together both the clay content and the liquid limit soil parameters. Index Terms— Susceptibility, liquefaction, liquid limit, strength.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-5,Issue-1, Spl. Iss-1


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| Published on 2017-03-03
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