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An Efficient System to Remove Image Noise by using External and Internal Correlations

Removing noise from the original image is still a challenging problem for researchers. In this paper, we build the internal and external data cubes to finding the similar patches from the noisy and web images respectively. We proposed two stages using different filtering approaches for reducing noise. In the first step, the noisy patch may create incorrect patch selection, we propose a graph based optimization method to improve patch matching accuracy in external denoising. The internal denoising is frequency truncation on internal cubes. By combining the internal and external denoising patches, we obtain a preliminary denoising result. In the second step,On transform domain, we propose to reduce noise by filtering of external and internal cubes, respectively. In this stage, the preliminary denoising result not only enhances the patch matching accuracy but also provides reliable estimates of filtering parameters. In this paper we propose system with the enhancement of previous system for image denoising by exploring both internal and external correlations. Correlations and a graph optimization method to improve patch matching accuracy and introduce a more effective filtering methods. Keywords - Image denoising, external correlations, internal correlations, web images.