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Data-Acquisition & Remote Monitoring For Renewable Energy Systems

The concept of integration of distributed energy resources in configuration of microgrid is proving to be an excellent option contributing to the power grid evolution and for enabling a steady electricity service even to remote areas local loads with minimized pollution. In view of the fact that most renewable sources are intermittent in nature, their integration into the power grid infrastructure is a challenging task. Data Acquisition from renewable energy generators and their continuous monitoring play an extremely important role in overall supervision and the desired coordinated operation control of such diverse energy resources. This paper is a part publication from the Technical Project Report regarding the Research & Development project “Design & Development of Smart Micro- Grid” conceded in Energy Centre, MA National Institute of Technology, Bhopal. The main purpose of this paper is to present a computer based remote monitoring system for renewable energy system which is one amongst the primary footsteps taken for accomplishment of the microgrid Research & Development project.