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Stepped LFM Processing Methods for High Range Resolution Phased Array Radar

Wideband signals are not suitable for Active Phased Array Radars as it leads to grating lobe formation as well as beam squinting during pointing. Wideband radar signals can be generated from a group of narrowband signals centered at different frequencies. An equivalent wideband chirp can be assembled from lesser bandwidth chirp segments in data processing. The chirp segments can be transmitted as separate narrow-band pulses and the response for each segment can be stored for assembling them into the wideband response. This wideband response from narrowband chirp segments can be obtained through two methods. This paper describes the simulation results for these methods for both single and multiple targets and a comparative analysis is made based on the obtained results. Keywords - SAR ( Synthetic Aperture Radar ), AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array ) , SRRP ( Synthetic Range Resolution profile ) , LFM ( Linear Frequency Modulation ), BW (Bandwidth), FSLL (First Side Lobe Level).