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Digital Monitoring of Public Transportation

Security threats to a nation and an individual is a global phenomenon. Young women feel unsafe in many localities. With the advances in technology , it is now easier to send data directly to a security centre hence assuring a sense of monitoring over an intruder and also provide immediate help in case of accidents. The proposed system of automated recognition overcomes the need of manual alert systems such as a chain alarm. For every kind of deviation its own unique sensors are employed. However, all these functions can be implemented by a single effective block. This paper work focuses on the use of G.P.S ,4.G technology and wireless C.C.T.V cameras to view and transmit the activities within public vehicles which in the past was once incapable of being monitored in real-time. The wireless C.C.T.V cameras sends continuous real-time video happening in bus to a monitoring room. Auto- supervision avoids the tedious nature of manual inspection using D.I.P algorithms. Major advantage is that its more easier to install and relocate than the existing sensor system.This prototype is expected to compromise the security breach from the past and pave ways for an unthreatened future.