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Design and Simulation of ROIC for Capacitive based MEMS Sensors

MEMS or Micro-Electro-Mechanical System is composition of an electro-mechanical and miniaturized mechanical elements. Sensor is a transducer which detects small changes that occurs in the environment and generates respective electrical output. The electrical signal coming out of the sensor will be in the form of voltage, resistance, capacitance, and current. Out of these electrical signals capacitive based sensors are more sensitive, cost effective, and have high SNR. In this work we are designing a signal conditioning circuitry for capacitive based MEMS Sensor at 180nm technology. The circuit mainly consists of Wheatstone bridge mimicked for capacitance value followed by impedance matching circuit, preamplifier stage, sample and holds circuit, clock circuit and Flash ADC. The total power consumption for overall circuitry is 118.16mW. The novelty in this work is digitizing the voltage signal into binary form to reduce the loss of information. Keywords - MEMS, Sensors, Readout interface, Impedance matching, Preamplifier stage, sample and hold, Flash ADC.