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WSN Spectrum Sensing using Energy Detection under Gaussian Noise Conditions

There is a high need for spectrum, but in conventional radio system spectrum is not effectively used. To resolve this problem and increase effective use of spectrum cognitive radio technology concept was proposed. Cognitive radio is the greatest technique for use spectrum effectively. The main purpose of Cognitive Radio (CR) is to use scant and limited resources efficiently without any impede to the primary user (PUS). Among most exacting problems in cognitive radio systems is spectrum sensing methods. Energy detection method, matched filter detection method, and cyclostationary detections method are most typical methods for spectrum sensing. This study has been based on energy detection spectrum method under Gaussian noise. This work proposes that energy detection is suitable method for detection under high SNR and comparison done for different SNR at constant number of CR users. Index Terms - Spectrum Sensing, Cognitive Radio, Energy Detection, Matched Filter Detection, Threshold.