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Smart Reader for Blind People

Blindness is limitation for humanity. Text and speech is main medium for communication. It is observed the blind peoples finding difficulty in day today life. Reading text documents, sign boards, recognization of faces is difficult task for blind peoples. The paper proposes smart reader for blind people to read the contents present in the images and recognize face from the image. The proposed method extracts text from images using Tesseract Optical Character Reorganization (OCR).Detected text is converted to speech using eSpeak tool. For face detection haar cascade classifier is used which is provided by openCV. Face recognization is carried out by using Local Binary Pattern Histogram face recognizer. Raspberry pi is used in proposed project. It provides an interface between sensors, camera and image processing results. Battery backup is used to achieve portability. Device can be used anywhere and anytime. Keywords - Tesseract (OCR), Haar Cascade Classifier, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi.