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IOT based Mobile Charging with Solar Energy by Coin Insertion

In present scenario, energy plays an important role in our daily life. Cell phone has become part of daily life since several activities such as paying water bills, electricity bills, making online purchases, fund transfer etc, can be made with the assistance of cell phones. The battery drains out rapidly when user uses cell phone for long time such as using for social media, internet and music etc. Portable charger can be used to charge the cell phones, when user is frequently travelling, but even the portable charger needs to be changed when the user is staying away from home for several days. This work addresses the resolve problem of charging cell phone when the user is away from home in rural, urban and even in remote places where conventional electrical power is not available. Arduino is the primary controller in charging system. The charging system utilizes coin insertion module, RFID reader, keypad, LCD display and WI-FI module. Keywords - Arduino, Coin Insertion Module, RFID Reader, Solar Panel, WIFI Module.