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Prototype of Smart Tent for Algerian Sahara Desert Nomads using Arduino and PV Systems

In Sahrawi society the term Khaïma (Sahara tent ) also refers to the notion of family, home, or even the tribe. The most traditional ones are made from a weave of camel or sheep’s hair. They are of a pyramidal shape with floor mats and sometimes decorated walls. However, this traditional construction of the tent provides lot of problems especially for the Nomads; the missing of sufficient lighting, the absence of permanent source of energy, the heat of the summer, sandstorms and others affect highly their daily life and make it hard. Hence, we propose in this paper the conception and the study of a smart tent that offers a completely new and unique experience for Nomads. These tents can be stand-alone powered using PV panels and batteries. With just a few in installations into place using Arduino and smart sensors, this smart tent giving more time to just relax and makes life easy. Index Terms - Arduino, PV systems, Sensors; Smart tent