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5G New Radio: Requirements, Challenges and Opportunities

New research directions bring basic changes in the designing of the future generation 5G. 5G New Radio (5G NR) gets a special attention, due to its importance in responding to the necessary requirements for 5G deployments such as: the performance, the flexibility, the scalability and the efficiency in the mobile networks. This perceivable article highlights the most recent and the newest substantive design choices, the requirements and the challenges to overcome in the 5G NR area. this review paper focuses on identifying the fundamental technologies in the 5G NR design, and the feature of each tech, by synthesizing high quality researches. We begin by defining the characteristics of the new spectrum. Using this framework, we evaluate the changes that will bring to the 5G NR namely: the beam forming processing, initial/random access procedure, waveform structure. The work item of 5G NR is still ongoing, therefore, this article does not provide a final solution, but it transmits the latest vision of the future architecture. Index Terms- 5G, 5G NR,mmWave communication, MIMO, Beam forming, Initial access, random access, New waveform, OFDM.