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Development of Smart Traffic System for Pandharpur City using its System

Traffic is all about the movement of people and goods from one point to another. Traffic is a crucial element of the daily operations of any community or city. As commuters, we all travel by using private transportation, public transportation, or a combination of the two, such as vehicles, buses, boats, and rail systems. Current city transportation systems and associated infrastructures are strained. In the future, these systems and infrastructures will become even more burdened due to a growing population and increased demands for mobility. With Smarter Traffic, cities can gain an understanding of the current transportation infrastructure and traffic issues. This understanding is accomplished by capturing relevant data, analysing that data, and providing insight. With real-time data and the use of appropriate tools and technology cities can improve their traffic flow and make smarter traffic a reality. Keywords - ITS, BRTS, ATIS, ATMS, AVCS, CVO, APTS, EM