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Design Of A Current Starved Ring Oscillator For Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

This paper presents a five and three stages current starved Voltage Controlled Oscillator (CMOS VCO) for low power Phase Lock Loop (PLL). The implemented design used a standard 0.18┬Ám CMOS Technology with simulation CAD software mentor graphics tool. uses two models of P-channel and N-channel Mosfets Model I and II. The Model I and II of P-channel. The experimental results presentented suggests that the designed exibits twoVCO frequency ranging from 21MHz to 315.34 MHz at low power. The designed circuit is simulated using 180nm SCN018 Technology, and the product of this current and voltage approximate the power consumption to be 105.3mW, the procedures of the system design are illustrated step by step in this paper. The proposed design is suitable for PLL as a frequency multiplier based on its features as presented.