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Building Skills For The Effective Uses Of Information, Communications, And Mobile Technologies, And Their Applications To Societal Needs

Of all the technologies witnessed in the human civilizations, the (a) information/computing, (b) communications, and (c) mobile technologies – henceforth referred to as ICMT or ICM technologies, in this paper – have had the most impacts and the highest penetrations among people in the shortest times. We have also been witnessing the emergence of information–based economies, wherein all of the major domains (verticals) such as engineering, sciences, manufacturing, health care, commerce, finance and banking, power, transportation, retail, etc., are increasingly driven by ICMT. In this paper, we highlight the importance of making curricular enhancements to incorporate ICMT. The curricular enhancements should start early in the high school curriculum and continue through early college, until specializations such as social sciences, physical sciences, engineering, medicine, management, etc., are selected. This would enable the students to be conversant with these technologies, which they can apply effectively to solve problems in their chosen domain of specialization. These result in the effective for harnessing of the ICM technologies for the betterment of society.