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Internet of Things (IoT) based Sensors to Cloud System using SIM900 and Arduino Uno for Remote Health Care Monitoring System

The system proposed in this paper is to monitor the real time health data of patient at anytime from anywhere in the world. Due to several critical physiological parameters of human body, multi-sensor health-monitoring approach is necessary. The system implementation consists of heart beat sensor, temperature sensor, and pulse oxygen situation level (SPO2) sensor. This preliminary work is to test the temperature sensor to appear on the cloud by using IoT .In this preliminary work, collected result data of temperature sensor can be monitored by the computer and mobile devices to determine the real-time body temperature of the person. Internet of Things is the technology to connect efficiently between things and devices to the entire physical world by using Internet. Electronic gadgets, sensors and automotive electronic equipment can be used for the IoT based system. The system deals with monitoring of patient’s health conditions like temperature, heart rate and oxygen situation level and send this information to the cloud and then plot the sensor data as graphical statistics. The data updated from the implemented system can be access by using the internet from anywhere in the world. Keywords - Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors to Cloud System; Arduinouno, Sim900, Thing Speak