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Design and Implementation of Low Power High Speed 4*4 bit Multiplier using Vedic Mathematics

Multiplier plays an significant role in electronic circuits. In many apps, such as digital signal handling, microprocessors and micro commuters, these are the primary blocks. In this document we propose a high-speed Vedic multiplier pipeline, which contains Vedic mathematics as an old method with a distinctive method and a distinct sutra. This article discusses Sutra Urdhva Triyagbhyam (UT), which is effective in terms of the multiplier's field and velocity. We have introduced distinct architectures to increase the velocity of the multiplier, where the complete addition from distinct logics is used. The Vedic multiplier in this document is intended with a modified full-adder that uses less slices and delay is reduced. The model is simulated using Xilinx 14.7 version and synthesized using RTL compiler. Keyword - Vedic Multiplier, Full Adder using Multiplexer, Ripple Carry Adder.