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Performance of TB-MRC MIMO System with Imperfect CSI under Influence of Spatial Correlation and Co-Channel Interference

In this paper we analyze the performance of Multiple input and multiple output system with transmit beam forming (TB) and maximum ratio combining (MRC) at the receiver with channel estimation error under the effect of co-channel interference(CCI‟s) and spatial correlation between the channels. The quantitative measure of channel estimation is the correlation coefficient between the original channel and estimated channel at receiver. We have derived the ASER (average symbol error rate) versus SNR (signal to noise ratio) graphs using MATLAB simulation. Also we did a comparative study between the outage probability of MIMO systems with and without spatial correlation between the antennas using mat lab. Keywords - Transmit Beam forming, Maximum Ratio Combining, Spatial Correlation, Co-channel Interference, Multiple Input Multiple Output, Outage Probability.