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Automatic Medicine Vending Machine

The Medicine Vending Machine as the name suggests is a vending machine that will dispense the required medicine as per the user’s choice. It provides temporary relief to the people having health problem by withdrawing before they are able to reach the doctor. It can also decrease the current costs of open medicine cabinets. In today’s world, when a regular customer goes to medical shops customer faces difficulties where medicines are not affordable for all classes of people and medical shops may not be available 24/7. In this project we are trying to develop a prototype of medicine vending machine which will provide generic medicines to the customers at affordable rates. The prototype will be equipped with RFID technology for authentication and dispensing mechanism. In the proposed system the user will be issued a card where details will be stored in the database. The user initially swipes the card, if he is a valid user access will be granted and list of the medicines will be displayed on the console. The user can select the medicines based on his/her requirements. Once the medicine is selected it gets dispensed and user can collect it. After the process ends the information regarding user and his selected medicines will be tracked in the database through WIFI module.