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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for Remote Industry

In this paper we have urbanized an integrated wireless SCADA system for monitoring & access the concert of remotely situated device parameter such as temperature, pressure, humidity on real time basis. For this We have used the infrastructure of the accessible mobile network, which is based on GPRS technique Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a field of constant development and research. This project Search on creating an extremely fare cost device which can be many diverse SCADA applications via some very basic programming models. The application of infrastructure in the planned scheme the cost will come down Additionally the generic nature of the device will be secure , Wireless SCADA deals with the creation of an low-priced, yet flexible and effortless to use SCADA device and infrastructure using the mobile telephone network, in exacting, the General Packet Radio Service . The hardware components making up the device are relatively primitive, yet the custom written software makes it re-programmable over the air, and able to provide a given SCADA application with the capability to send and receive control and data signals at all time. GPRS is a packet-based radio service that enables “always on” connections, eliminate repetitive and more timedial-up connections. It will also endowment real throughput in excess of 40 Kbps, about the similar speed as an excellent landline analog modem connection. The GSM based SCADA system which is projected in given temperature of in the order of 40oC could be tolerably recorded from localised position.