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Super Resolution Of Color Image From Multiple Low Resolution Images

Super-Resolution (SR) image reconstruction is the procedure of joining several spatially misaligned low resolution (LR) images into a single high resolution (HR) image. In this route accurate image registration is the key step and homography serves as basis for image registration. Homography estimation between LR images was done using Harris corner detector and Random Sampling Consensus (RANSAC). Harris corner detector finds the corner points of LR images and RANSAC finds the transformation matrix by filtering out mismatched points. A new SR approach is proposed in which LR images are then projected to HR grid using transformation matrix. New SR approach avoids iterative process for convergence making computation faster for better results. Remaining unfilled spaces is HR image are filled with interpolation. Keywords- Super Resolution, Correlation, Homography, Image Registration, Harris Corner Detector, RANSAC, Bi-cubic Interpolation.